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Make Yourself A Priority

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"The Guided Meditation & Gong was really powerful. I would highly recommend a one to one session. Thank you!"

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About Me: About Me

My Story

Let me tell you a little of my story.  But it’s not always been this way. So tell you a little of my story so you can understand how I arrived here. It’s been an interesting life, to put it mildly, and I’m no stranger to trauma, challenges and setbacks.


It sounds like a cliché but I really do come from a long line of healers and psychics.  My great great grandmother was a medicine woman in Trinidad who used herbs and spells, prayers and postures to heal and comfort.  She was a medium and a psychic and she passed on those skills through my grandmother to my mother and then to me.


My granny was part of the Windrush generation, invited to the UK to help out this country after the war.  I’m fiercely proud of my Caribbean heritage, and its ancient healing traditions are woven throughout my soul and my work.  I dance with my ancestors yet have trained in other traditions and learned further ancient wisdoms.  You could say I’m a modern Black medicine woman with some heavy-duty power tools!


Yet it’s not been an easy ride.  Like my mother, I was born in West London.   I was dyslexic in a highly academic school (not a great mix) and was asked to leave as I was considered ‘disruptive’ (though my teachers and fellow students all loved me).  When I was 20 I gave birth to my daughter and I raised her as a single parent with all the challenges that brings.  So, when I look back, I’m not surprised I became ill.  I relied a little too much on drink and drugs, and a swathe of health issues segued into depression, anxiety and agoraphobia.  There were times I couldn’t get out of the house; sometimes even picking up the phone was overwhelming.  The practices that got me through were yoga and meditation.


However I never imagined they would become my life work and my career.  Initially I trained as an actress at Greenwich University, where I also studied literature.  I’ve been a dancer and a dog-walker, a carer and a barber; I’ve worked front of house meeting and greeting.  I have started up and built several successful businesses. I loved all these jobs, loved all the people and animals I helped but I always felt there was more.  I needed to find my ‘thing’.


So I went back to what had helped me in the dark days.  I trained in three different types of yoga (Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini and Yin).  I studied meditation, breathwork, sound healing and Reiki (a Japanese form of energy healing).  I explored herbal medicine and nutrition.  I am currently training as a psychotherapist (psychosynthesis, a form of psychotherapy that focuses on the exploration of our human potential).   Put these together and you get a powerful package.  It packs a solid spiritual punch. It really does the business.


It’s a return to my great great grandmother’s work with some extra magic in the mix.


I’ve had to work hard to find my own way, to learn to trust my gut, to hold fast to my quest for serenity and balance (while still having fun – fun is vital!).  Yes, parts of my life have been hard but they cracked open my heart and have made me more understanding, more compassionate.  We all have our own issues, our own problems, and I can never live your experience – but having been at rock bottom, I can empathise; I can hold your hand and support you, inspire you and cheer for you. If I can do it, you can too.

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