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A Retreat in a Box

My guided meditations are all based on self-love and gratitude.  You’ll hear my voice and also the sound of my gong and singing bowls.  These possess profound healing tones which ease you into the meditative theta state, letting you become fully immersed.


Meditation often brings up thoughts, images, ideas, and I really recommend jotting these down after each session.  I’ve included a notebook and pen so you can keep a record of what comes up for you.


The tea is really special.  I have always blended my own teas but I found a wonderful herbalist to help me with this one.  It’s an old Victorian blend of linden flowers and lemon balm that has been used for centuries to combat anxiety and stress.  It relaxes your muscles and soothes your nerves while gently elevating your mood.  Pour boiling water on one tea bag and leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes.  


My signature candles are hand-poured and made from natural coconut and soy wax infused with essential oils.   Lavender is renowned for its ability to soothe anxiety and stress.   It’s an iconic scent that needs little introduction.  However it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and Lavender & Geranium makes a great alternative.  Cedarwood is emotionally grounding and calming – it’s a support for spiritual growth.  Geranium, meanwhile, is cheering and uplifting – it’s used in aromatherapy to soothe anxiety and depression as well as being renowned as a potent anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.  


Use the weighted eye pillow for sivasana at the end of your yoga session; for yoga nidra and to help you sink into relaxation for guided meditations.  Always make yourself as comfortable as possible – a cosy blanket, socks, cushions can all help (please note these aren’t included in the gift box!)


An affirmation card is like a little nudge to help keep you on track or to let an idea settle into your psyche.  Trust that the card you receive in this box is exactly what you need right now and spend some time each day meditating on it.  Place it somewhere you can see it – maybe on your desk, by your bed, or on a home altar.


Your sage stick is a powerful tool for cleansing your space.  I learned the sacred sage ceremony from my grandmother and it really does change the entire feel of a room.  Light the end of your sage stick and, once the herbs catch, blow so the stick is gently smoking.  Using your hand or a large feather, waft the smoke around your body and then around the room (paying particular attention to the corners of the room).  


Abalone shell has a warm, gentle vibration and is said to bring feelings of peace, compassion and love.  It soothes the nerves and can gently help to make us more intuitive and even psychic.  Use it as a receptacle for incense and to hold your sage stick and Palo Santo after use.  I took great care to ensure these beautiful shells come from a sustainable source in New Zealand. 

Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) is a tree that grows on the coast of South America – its name means ‘holy wood.’  My granny used it for its cleansing and healing properties and I grew up loving its fresh pine, mint and lemony scent.  It’s another great soother for anxiety, depression and emotional pain and is also traditionally used to relieve colds, flu and headaches.  Simply light the end of the stick and allow it to burn for around 30 seconds and then blow it out so it smokes.  

Frankincense is a wonderful resin that, when burned, brings positive energy into your space.  You can use it to cleanse your room but also to whisk away any negative build-up on crystals and jewellery.  

Charcoal disks.  Use these to burn your frankincense.  Light the charcoal and place it on the abalone shell (or burner) and wait until it goes grey.  Now add a very small amount of resin on top of the hot charcoal.  Repeat as often as you desire until the charcoal burns out.  


Caution - be very careful using charcoal, sage and Palo Santo – make sure they are completely extinguished after use.


Agua de Florida – a spirit water used by shamans in South America to clear heavy energy from around the body’s aura (energy field).  You can also spritz it around a room, after you’ve cleansed the space with sage or incense, to seal the energy.  


Healing stones.  I love these gifts from the earth and use them in various ways in my practice.  You can use a stone as a focus for meditation; keep particular stones on your desk or by your bed; carry one or two around in a pocket; or place the stones on or around you while relaxing or doing a guided meditation.  These are the properties of the stones in your kit:

isions with discernment and understanding. It’s also a powerfully protective stone.  I always keep some with me.

Red Jasper:  a stone that increases your emotional stamina, your self-confidence and self-trust.  It gives courage and balance.  Keep Red Jasper by your bed to help you remember your dreams (it’s also said to increase your libido).

Labradorite:  a stone of transformation, keep it with you if you’re going through any kind of change as it gives strength and perseverance.  It can balance and strengthen your aura, raise consciousness and ground your spiritual energies (useful if you tend to tend to get ‘spacey’).  It fosters intuition and enhances psychic abilities.  

Jade: I love Jade as it helps bring the emotions into balance which, in turn, helps you feel more in control of your life.  It can help you release negative thoughts and soothe the mind.  Like Labradorite, it is a good stone to use while practicing psychic development exercises as it amplifies your natural psychic abilities.  It’s also said to protect the wearer from harm and to bring harmony into your life.  Not bad for one stone.

Clear Quartz:  the stone of power with the ability to amplify any energy or intention.  Clear quartz is a strong protector against negativity and can help you attune to your higher self.  It’s frequently used to cleanse, open, activate and align all the chakras (the body’s energy centres).


Citrine:  another stone that balances emotional energy, citrine is also a potent motivator, activating creativity and encouraging self-expression.  It enhances concentration and is like a power shower for your mind, releasing negative feelings, depression, fears and even phobias.  


Carnelian:  a stabilising stone which can boost your vitality and motivation and stimulate creativity (it works hand in glove with citrine).  It boosts courage, banishes apathy and promotes positive life choices.  It helps you trust yourself and your intuition.  It can also help if you’ve experienced abuse of any kind.


Blue Lace Agate:  the great communicator, this stone boosts your ability to focus the thoughts and feelings you receive from your higher self.  It’s a soothing, nurturing stone that fosters calmness and peace of mind.  A gentle healer.


Amethyst:  the natural tranquiliser, it can soothe irritability and dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  It balances mood swings and relieves stress and strain.  It can also help alleviate sadness, grief and negativity.  In addition, it opens up your intuition, activates spiritual awareness and can enhance your psychic abilities.

Your choice of necklace.  Wearing a healing stone around your neck throughout the day is like putting on a superhero cape – it gives you a constant feed of positive energy.  These necklaces sit between the throat and heart chakras and particularly impact those vital energy centres.   Choose the stone that most suits your current needs – or let your intuition guide you.


Rose Quartz:  a beautiful stone of universal unconditional love.  It restores trust and harmony in relationships (including the relationship with your Self).  It purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, friendship, deep inner healing and peace.

Clear Quartz:  as we’ve already seen, this is a powerful healing stone that amplifies any energy or intention.  It’s particularly good at protecting against negativity and helps you connect to your higher Self.

Amethyst:  in addition to all the qualities we’ve already discussed, this stone can help protect you from all types of harm, whether geopathic (negative earth energy) or electromagnetic stress, or the ill wishes of other people.

Green Calcite:  a great mental healer, which helps release rigid beliefs so you can discover your true nature.  It helps you communicate and can ease the transition from stagnant to positive situations.

Fluorite:  a protective and stabilising stone that helps to ground and harmonise spiritual energy.  It increases intuition and is deeply spiritual, linking our human minds to universal consciousness, fostering a profound connection to Spirit.

Himalayan Rock Salt.  Add a handful of these salts to your evening bath (light your candle too – make it a lovely ritual).  Our bodies resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in this salt bath, helping to recharge the body, boost the metabolism and trigger self-healing.  I’ve added lavender picked by me to add extra sweet-smelling soothing.  

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"The Guided Meditation & Gong was really powerful. I would highly recommend a one to one session. Thank you!"

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