The Birth of Aysha Bell Wellness

I woke up today feeling blessed, I am lucky enough to be able to launch my new wellness business that was born in lockdown.

I worked for four years in a part-time job that I thought I’d be in for four weeks, I made the choice to leave two weeks before lockdown to take my yoga teaching, coaching, healing, and sound healing up full time. Little did I know, like all of us that there would be a worldwide pandemic. 

I had been lucky enough to work with charity UDAV in Hackney London, running wellness events, teaching and holding sound baths, I had planned to work here and teach in my usual studio in Hackney, The Refinery. The reality was that after my 40th birthday on the 17th of March 2020 England went into lockdown, I had left my job and could not teach in any studios.

Classes were then taken online but as much as students stayed loyal there was no comparison the gong healing has in real life. Students regularly asked me the rituals I did in my classes, the sage I burnt, the agua de florida water I used, the healing stones, and how I space up to feel so calm, nurturing and peaceful like being on a retreat.

I came up with an idea to create gift boxes with the things I use in my class in, the concept grew and so did the gift boxes. I worked with an Ayurvedic herbalist to create a calming tea, a candle maker to create relaxing candles and spent my time sourcing the best of the best and ethically sourced products. 

I thought it would be a quick turn over three months later my beautiful brand was born. Yesterday I was lucky enough to have my pre-launch and invite close friends and family. 

I know I am doing the right thing because work does not feel like work and I am doing something that I have always wanted to do and that fills my soul with love and joy as it does others.

"Sometimes we need to be put under pressure to birth something wonderful'. 

"Never give up on what you love and believe in".

I've poured heart and a soul into my gift boxes and really like them so I hope you do too.

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