Meditation Sanctuary  Box

A Retreat in a Box


In your box you will receive:  

  • Three guided meditations to download – one for the morning, one for the evening and one for anytime.  

  • A notebook and pen (with the message Make Yourself a Priority).

  • A box of hand-blended linden flower and lemon balm tea bags.

  • A AB Lavender & Geranium, Candle 180ml

  • An affirmation card with four powerful messages.

  • Small sage stick from California 

  • A sustainably resourced abalone shell from New Zealand

  • A Palo Santo stick from South America

  • Himilayan rock with lavender

  • Frankincense resin 

  • Pack of 4 charcoal disks.

  • Bottle of Agua de Florida

  • A set of healing stones:   Red Jasper, Labradorite, Jade, Quartz, Citrine, Carnelian, Blue Lace Agate, and Amethyst.


People often say that my classes and workshops are like going on a mini retreat.  In my studio I create sacred space and you really notice the difference – when you cleanse a room with incense and sage the atmosphere just feels so clear.  It’s easier to focus, to centre, to relax.   I bring in all the elements (fire through candles; earth through healing stones; air through incense and sage; water with Agua de Florida).  Together they quickly set the tone for meditation, yoga, spiritual work or simply deep relaxation.  So I’ve put together a power-box with everything you need to create the feel of my space in your own home.  

I’ve spent a long time sourcing exactly the right products.  I needed to know that they were all Fair trade, ethically sourced and lovingly hand-made by people who pour heart and soul into what they do.  I’m really proud of them and I hope you love them too.

In your box you will receive:  


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Meditation Sanctuary Box

Cedarwood & Geranium Candle
Lavender Candle


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