Corporate Gift Box

The perfect gift for employees or anyone new to meditation and the world of wellness.


Treats to comfort you through the winter especially anyone that might be working from home.


Downloable meditaions to welcome the new year with positive energy.


A tin of hand-blended linden flower and lemon balm tea.


  • A 100% weighted silk eye pillow filled with organic lavender.


  • An affirmation card with four powerful messages.


  • Frankincense resin (10g)

  • Pack of charcoal disks.


  • One Jade face roller 


  • Himalayan rock salt blended with lavender for bathtime.  



  • Three guided meditations to download – one for the morning, one for the evening and one for anytime.  (Personalised for the new year)


  • A notebook and pen (with the message Make Yourself a Priority).


    I am enough Mirror compact 




Corporate Gift Box



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