Seven Healing Crystals

In your box you will receive:  


  • Seven Healing Crystals Listed Below 
  • One Wooden Affirmation Memory Card with 2 Downloadable Meditations 1 Yoga Nidra
  • One Afirmation Card


Healing stones.  I love these gifts from the earth and use them in various ways in my practice.  You can use a stone as a focus for meditation; keep particular stones on your desk or by your bed; carry one or two around in a pocket; or place the stones on or around you while relaxing or doing a guided meditation.  These are the properties of the stones in your kit:


Red Jasper:  a stone that increases your emotional stamina, your self-confidence and self-trust.  It gives courage and balance.  Keep Red Jasper by your bed to help you remember your dreams (it’s also said to increase your libido).

Labradorite:  a stone of transformation, keep it with you if you’re going through any kind of change as it gives strength and perseverance.  It can balance and strengthen your aura, raise consciousness and ground your spiritual energies (useful if you tend to tend to get ‘spacey’).  It fosters intuition and enhances psychic abilities.  

Clear Quartz:  the stone of power with the ability to amplify any energy or intention.  Clear quartz is a strong protector against negativity and can help you attune to your higher self.  It’s frequently used to cleanse, open, activate and align all the chakras (the body’s energy centres).


Citrine:  another stone that balances emotional energy, citrine is also a potent motivator, activating creativity and encouraging self-expression.  It enhances concentration and is like a power shower for your mind, releasing negative feelings, depression, fears and even phobias.  


Carnelian:  a stabilising stone which can boost your vitality and motivation and stimulate creativity (it works hand in glove with citrine).  It boosts courage, banishes apathy and promotes positive life choices.  It helps you trust yourself and your intuition.  It can also help if you’ve experienced abuse of any kind.


Blue Lace Agate:  the great communicator, this stone boosts your ability to focus the thoughts and feelings you receive from your higher self.  It’s a soothing, nurturing stone that fosters calmness and peace of mind.  A gentle healer.


Amethyst:  the natural tranquiliser, it can soothe irritability and dispel anger, rage, fear and anxiety.  It balances mood swings and relieves stress and strain.  It can also help alleviate sadness, grief and negativity.  In addition, it opens up your intuition, activates spiritual awareness and can enhance your psychic abilities.


Seven Healing Crystals



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