The Retreat Meditation Box

The Retreat Meditation Box

In your box you will receive:  


  • One Large Sage,
  • Two Palo Santo,
  • One Candle Lavender And Geranium ,
  • One Affirmation Card,
  • One wooden affirmation card, memory stick with downloadable meditations,
  • One tin of tea,
  • Pink Himalayan Bath Salt with Lavender
  • One I Am Enough Mirror Compact
  • 100% Lavender Filled Silk Eye Pillow
  • One Jade Face Roller
  • One I Am Enough Journal & Pen
  • Four Charcoal Disks & Frankincense Resin




Meditation often brings up thoughts, images, ideas, and I really recommend jotting these down after each session.  I’ve included a notebook and pen so you can keep a record of what comes up for you.


The tea is really special.  I have always blended my own teas but I found a wonderful herbalist to help me with this one.  It’s an old Victorian blend of linden flowers and lemon balm that has been used for centuries to combat anxiety and stress.  It relaxes your muscles and soothes your nerves while gently elevating your mood.  Pour boiling water on one tea bag and leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes.  


hand-poured and made from natural coconut and soy wax infused with essential oils.  


Lavender is renowned for its ability to soothe anxiety and stress.   It’s an iconic scent that needs little introduction.  

Lavender : used for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness.


Geranium, meanwhile, is cheering and uplifting – it’s used in aromatherapy to soothe anxiety and depression as well as being renowned as a potent anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


Use the weighted eye pillow for sivasana at the end of your yoga session; for yoga nidra and to help you sink into relaxation for guided meditations.  Always make yourself as comfortable as possible – a cosy blanket, socks, cushions can all help (please note these aren’t included in the gift box!)


An affirmation card is like a little nudge to help keep you on track or to let an idea settle into your psyche.  Trust that the card you receive in this box is exactly what you need right now and spend some time each day meditating on it.  Place it somewhere you can see it – maybe on your desk, by your bed, or on a home altar.


Himalayan Rock Salt.  Add a handful of these salts to your evening bath (light your candle too – make it a lovely ritual).  Our bodies resonate with the natural frequency of the minerals in this salt bath, helping to recharge the body, boost the metabolism and trigger self-healing.  I’ve added lavender picked by me to add extra sweet-smelling soothing.  



Frankincense is a wonderful resin that, when burned, brings positive energy into your space.  You can use it to cleanse your room but also to whisk away any negative build-up on crystals and jewellery.  

Charcoal disks.  Use these to burn your frankincense.  Light the charcoal and place it on the abalone shell (or burner) and wait until it goes grey.  Now add a very small amount of resin on top of the hot charcoal.  Repeat as often as you desire until the charcoal burns out.  


Caution - be very careful using charcoal, sage and Palo Santo – make sure they are completely extinguished after use.


I am enough, this wonderful phrase / affirmation has come into my life in a few ways.


Write it in your mirror, the more you see it. The more you believe it and eventually you realise you are.I have these little compacts with the words printed on the mirror to remind you every time you see your wonderful self, you are enough.

Thank you to the wonderful Louise Hay, Marrisa Peer and the wonderful Grace Byers.

If you are not familiar with this woman please  a look deeper into the there work.

This is not just for woman, we all need to tell our selves this. That we are enough.


The gentle massaging motion stimulates the lymphatic system and lymphatic drainage throughout your face. The jade roller helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and get your bodily fluids moving in all the right directions.Jade rollers aren't a technical breakthrough in skincare. They've been a staple in Chinese skincare routines since the 7th century, and are believed to have healing and protective properties. Thus to name a few, the benefits include;1. helps to reduce puffiness and inflammation in the face2. Brightens complexions3. Tighten pores4. helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines5. increases blood circulation






The Retreat Meditation Box

Lavender & Cedarwood: Lavender & Geranium


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