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Aysha’s products are utterly wonderful... They make the perfect gift  Everything is beautifully made...


All Christmas presents will be from her again this year!




My name is Aysha and I am a healing space creator with sessions based on yoga with a unique blend of breath-work, harmonic resonance and sound. The sacred space I create with my work is supported with my own unique Meditation Box, which I use in my workshops and classes. They are available to buy so you can create your own sacred space at home.


My love is the magic of transformational meditation; I am blown away every time I see the result my clients get. This kind of meditation helps to tune into our inner wisdom, answering questions and getting you to your truth. All the answers we seek life inside us. It's about accessing them.

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'If you're always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.' - Maya Angelou 

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