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Chakra Balancing, Woman's Empowerment Yoga Retreat & Course in Goa


1st November - 9th November

A private retreat based in the quiet south end of Patnem beach, a perfect place to relax, balance and regenerate.



Do you ever question, is this it?  Life as a modern woman is overwhelmingly challenging.Juggling   the constant pressures of work, relationships and family life can make it hard to find a balance and our own wellbeing often takes a back seat. 


This enriching retreat has been curated specifically for women wanting to find balance,  loose negative, self-limiting belief systems and dig a little deeper into their unconscious to unlock the unique gift we each have inside, and reach our full potential.  Life is for living… its time to make yourself a priority.


This is a week of transformation, adventure and nurturing. Day by day you will learn the magic of your energy centres, (chakras), with a bespoke program of exercises and activities to bring balance to each one.  Combining Yoga, Meditation, EFT, NLP, Sound healing, Massage, Dancing and Daily PEMF Therapy and Vegan diet, (non Vegan Available) in just one week you will completely cleanse, balance and recharge your energy. 


You will learn techniques to ensure you remain in your power and open to receive the love and success you deserve in day to day life once you leave. 


Whether you are a beginner or a yoga pro, everyone will feel the benefit. 

8 days 9 night to balance nourish and regenerate. 

7 day 7 Chakras

Aligning your chakras – please join me in Goa

I am thrilled to (announce that i will) be leading my first full week-long retreats with a focus on aligning and balancing your chakra energy centres.

More on this highly beneficial practice below:)

A full residential week allows for ample time and space to fully assimilate, comprehend and reflect on the depths of fundamental teachings. Whilst taken away from the pressures of daily life at home, we can take a deep dive into the psyche and enrich ourselves with the qualities that create lasting change within. 

Pay a 30% deposit to reserve your spot
Request to pay in installments

All prices include 7 night accommodation, 3 meals daily, unlimited tea coffee daily (special coffees not included)  filters water. 

Airport taxi transfers both ways. 

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I have picked Goa, India (India being the birthplace of Yoga) as the ideal environment for our week-long retreats. With no more than 20 participants per week we will create an intimate yet social container for this transformational work to take place. 

Book a place >

Traditionally built Goan bungalows using natural materials will be your comfortable home for 8 nights each with a private en-suite bathroom, balcony space and luxury soft-furnishings. Located within a tranquil beach-front resort with the sounds of the ocean setting the perfect tone.

All huts contain: 

Balcony with coffee table and chairs; En-suite bathroom; Double bed; WiFi, Fan, Large mirror; 

Hanging rail or wardrobe; Bedside table, Towel; Toiletry pack. 

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Every morning Aysha will lead you through a balancing, healing energising  yoga practice to build help build an awareness with the chakra system. 



We will spend our days peacefully learning and absorbing through yoga, meditation, sound baths, Ayurvedic massage and a whole range of other techniques, some of which you may have sampled already in my London classes. 

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You will be provided with transport to and from the airport, beautiful healthy and tasty daily meals (any dietary requirements will be taken care of)  including outings to fabulous local restaurants. Plus of course, I will be on hand to provide you with all the care, guidance and development many of you have come to expect from me.  




From the moment you arrive you will be looked after every step of the way until your departure, leaving you refreshed, nourished, strengthened and aligned with a deep understanding of the ancient chakra system.

Alignment is beneficial....

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You are about to embark on a journey to discover the ancient system of energy which originated hundreds of years ago in India. The concept of chakras is gifted to us through yogic literature of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and it is said that every living being has chakras. 


There are 7 major recognised chakras in humans located along the spinal column from the base of the spine up to the crown each with its own attributes. These energy centres receive, transform and distribute universal life-force energy throughout our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies and are therefore fundamental to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  

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Each day will focus on a different chakra with aligned practises designed to help you activate and balance each of these energy-centres with in-depth knowledge and understanding. Retreat highlights include:

Retreat highlights include: 

* Guided half-day hike in the luscious Goan jungle  

* Opportunity to snorkel and swim with dolphins in their natural environment visiting pristine secluded beaches

* Sacred drum-making workshop

* Fire ceremony and drumming circle

*  Voice activation workshop with 2 year champion beat-boxer 

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Accommodation & Rates


Our retreat includes 9 days and 8 nights accommodation and each bungalow can be taken as single or double occupancy and includes all meals. (alcoholic beverages, and speciality coffees not included)


Price per person DOUBLE OCCUPANCY £1900

Price per person SINGLE OCCUPANCY £ £2150

We also have a small number of prime beach-front bungalows 

Price per person DOUBLE OCCUPANCY £2300

Price per person SINGLE OCCUPANCY £2450


Arrangements may also be made and prices adjusted for partners who may wish to join but not participate in the retreat programme. 


Flights can be booked for you at your request.

Please contact me for more info.

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Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 13.27.15.png

All inclusive prices, per person, staying at Patnam Beach Huts: 8 nights 9 days

Save £100 by using the code SELFLOVE

Single use double bedroom:


2 Yoga sessions a day

3 Meals Daily

Breakfast & Lunch @ Resort

Dinner at a Restaraunt

 Dolphins Boat Trip & Scuba Diving Snorkeling 

, Drum making & Drumming Circle

2 Ayurvedic Massages Per Guest

Jungle Hike & Lunch

 Voice Activation with 2 Years World Championship Beep boxer

Gong Healing & Meditaiton, 

Fire meditation

Closing Ecstatic Dance Party, 

Gong Bath

Closing Fire Circle.  

Welcome Bag : Oils, essential Oils, Candle, Sage, San Pedro, Pendant, Crystals

Meet The Team

Full Moon

A day in the retreat


7:00am: Tea & Coffee available 

8:30am - 10:00am: Yoga + Chakra work

10.00am - 11:30am: Brunch feast

11:30pm – 5:00pm: Free beach time, hikes or an organised activities & workshop

5:00pm – 6:30pm: Evening Yin & Poetry

7:00pm – 9:00 pm: Dinner

2 Yoga sessions a day

3 Meals Daily

Breakfast & Lunch @ Resort

Dinner at a Restaurants 

Sacral Chakra: Drum making & Drumming Circle

2 Ayurvedic Massages Per Guest

Jungle Hike & Lunch

 Throat Chakra:Voice Activation 

Gong Healing & Meditaiton, 

Fire meditation

Heart Chakra Ice Bath & Breath Work

Closing Ecstatic Dance Party, 

Gong Bath

Closing Fire Circle.  

Welcome Bag : Oils, essential Oils, Candle, Sage, San Pedro, Pendant, Crystals

Please ask for full details and I will send you all you need to know.  It promises to be a nourishing and enriching week and I cannot wait to be in Goa with you.

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