I'm Aysha, so much i want to share in this little intro, but i'll keep it short.

I am a healing space creator.


With sessions based on yoga with a unique blend of breathwork, harmonic resonance and sound. The sacred


space I create with my work, is supported with my own unique Meditation Box, which I use in my workshops


and classes, they available to buy so you can create your own sacred space at home.

I have had my fair share of careers, al involving caring and looking after people 15 years.

I feel blessed to have found my thing, as they say. I have been and am an adventure.


On my adventures, I have discovered and learned so many wonderful tools to raise the vibration of day to day life. 

You can enjoy the fruits of life and keep looking after your self,

I want to share some amazing self care rituals, routines and systems to help you live a balanced fun life.

Meditation, Yoga & Breath and healing

Message me to start the next step of your journey 

With much love and light,

Aysha xxx

"The Guided Meditation & Gong was really powerful. I would highly recommend a one to one session. Thank you!"

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